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Hi, my name is Gordon Ramel and I wrote the 800,000 words that make up this little web site, Earth Life. I also happen to be a published poet. So if you're a lover of the natural world, make sure to check out my books!

Naturally Beautiful

A collection of Poems, Rhymes and Songs

A collection of Poems, Rhymes and Songs dedicated to the beauty of the natural world and the love and wonder that such beauty inspires in every sane member of the human race. This poetry is mostly rhyming and rhythmical. It is there to be enjoyed, so enjoy it. Although the author is a professional Ecologist as well as a poet, he is currently (June 2020) employed as an English Teacher for ACE Cambodia in Siem Reap Cambodia. Thus this volume mixes good science and good grammar with a great deal of love and respect for the world that supports us all.

RRP $9.99

Tall Tales, Beautiful Beasts & Peculiar People

Poems, Rhymes and Songs For The Young And The Young At Heart

A collection of light-hearted, rhyming poetry for the young and the young at heart. Some is semi-serious however mostly it is designed to be thoughful, but humerous. Some of the poetry is focused on the world - Toni The Tortoise, Vangelis The Viper, - the beauty of nature, and some is pure escapist nonsense in the long standing tradition of Lewis Carol, one of my all time favourite authors and poets. This is a collection of old fashioned poetry for a modern world.

RRP $9.99

The Human Disease

A Collection of Poems, Rhymes & Songs

A collection of Poems, Songs and Rhymes that should act as a reminder of our failings and a wake up call to humanity. It is long passed time we learned to live with each other in tolerance and with the rest of the world with respect. This volume is focused on the tendency for humanity as a whole to be a grossly destructive force on this planet, or as the title puts it 'A Disease'. The author accepts that not all of humanity is mindlessly egotistical, hopelessly ignorant and addicted to violence. However these traits do give some people an advantage when it comes to seeking positions of power and so these are the people who rule this world. As Isaac Asimov, or somebody once said, anybody who actually wants to be in a position of authority should be automatically banned from being in any such position. It is time to see ourselves honestly.

RRP $9.99

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Praise for Gordon's Poetry:
"Gorden Ramel is the finest nature poet in the world today. A true word-smith, he artistically expresses the love for nature that we all feel, and eloquently protests human destruction of the environment

Gordon is not only gifted with words and well-educated in the various forms of poetry, but is also a professionally-trained biologist. His poetry is thus based on an intimate personal knowledge of nature, and years of experience studying various animals and plants"

- Dr. Paul D. Haemig - Editor, Ecology Online
"As the editor of The HyperTexts, it has been my honor to publish hundreds of accomplished poets over the last three decades. Gordon Ramel is unique among those poets, with a very distinctive voice and message. And our readers obviously like his work, because he ranks in our top 20 contemporary poets for page views"

- Michael R. Burch - Editor, The HyperTexts
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